MoSi® - Mobility and safety in older age

Only because of increasing age nobody gives up his desire for a self-determined life. Of course, we would like to continue to enjoy the active company of friends and family!
But: With increasing age, the challenges undoubtedly become greater. Our mobility and safety (of gait) in daily life is objectively decreasing. The first uncertainties arise. As if that wasn't enough - the worst thing now is our decreasing self-confidence in our own physical performance: " Wouldn't it be better if I didn't do that? "I'm probably just too old for that?"

With MoSi® we would like to help you to stay mobile not in spite of age but with age: Not less exercise and training but an age-appropriate exerciseprogram should be the answer.
We place particular emphasis on the shared experience in the group with people of the same age: "A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved" and "joint success is twice as much fun". Who would deny that.

To the medical background: Due to normal physical age-related changes such as loss of muscle mass and a decrease in coordination and balance, disorders of gait and walking ability increase from the age of 65 onwards, especially in connection with age-related diseases. Often, in response, we begin to reduce our activities of daily living. This reaction, in turn, reinforces the normal effects of aging in the sense of a vicious circle. Restrictions in independence and a tendency to fall with sometimes serious consequential diseases are the result.
Through targeted and age-appropriate training programs, we can significantly reduce mobility and gait limitations and improve the resulting tendency to fall. A minimum of two to three training units per week, each with 60 minutes of group activity, is recommended by scientific studies to improve endurance, strength, balance, coordination, reaction and the cardiovascular system.

MoSi® was medically sound and scientifically supported. It is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care as part of the “Gesund.Leben.Bayern” initiative.

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