What can I expect from MoSi®?

In 2004, MoSi® was developed by physiotherapists and physicians of the Geriatrics Center Erlangen at the Malteser Waldkrankenhaus St. Marien. The intention of establishing MoSi® was to be able to offer this as an ongoing outpatient exercise and rehabilitation program after a hospital stay. Since then, MoSi® has become an established outpatient exercise and fall prevention program.

MoSi® is designed as a five-week training and prevention program (10 units of 60 minutes each) and serves to maintain and improve gait safety as well as primary and secondary prevention of falls from the age of 65 onwards. A minimum number of two to three training units/week, each lasting 60 minutes, is recommended in numerous scientific studies to improve endurance, potential of strength, strength endurance, balance, coordination, reaction and the cardiovascular system.

In carefully coordinated units, each participant actively learns all the exercises and procedures  that he or she should continue on his or her own responsibility during the course and at home after it ends. In line with our comprehensive approach to prevention, the following participant groups benefit from taking part in MoSi®:

  • People > 65 years with persistent good walking ability (primary prevention)
  • People > 65 years, with known gait and balance disorders (secondary prevention)
  • Over 65 year old people who have already experienced falls (tertiary prevention)

The intention is to improve the ability of walking (mobility) and gain safety in everyday life through exercises for strength, mobility, coordination, balance and reaction. The long-term goal is to maintain your daily living independence at any age. Your quality and joy of life will be improved. The risk of accidents and falls can be reduced.

The training takes place together in a group, both in individual and partner exercises. The units build up on each other, include short lectures (education) and demonstrations of the exercises, which are then carried out under supervision and, if necessary, corrected by the qualified MoSi®-Instructor. The level of difficulty increases from one session to the other. Each participant receives an exercise program in the form of an exercise booklet, information on the causes and risks of falls, training of helpful strategies after a possible fall, a presentation of aids, useful (walking) devices and supporting assistance on how to arrange a safer living environment. Under reserve and after medical consultation or approval, persons with acute or chronic ailments may also participate.

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Questions and Answers

Self test

Self test

Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I sometimes feel insecure when walking?
  • does my foot sometimes get caught on something?? (e.g. cobblestone, carpet ...)
  • Am I feeling dizzy from time to time? (e.g. when I stand up, bend over or turn around,...)
  • Have I experienced a fall/falling lately?
  • Am I more or less afraid of falling?
  • Have I changed or even limited my mobility habits because of my fears?  (e.g. activities, excursions etc.)

Did you answer one or more questions with "YES"?

Then we would like to invite you to our exercise and prevention program MoSi® (Mobility and Safety in Older Age). Because this program is just what you need! Participation in MoSi®-Training brings back not only joy but also quality of life. Better safe than sorry!

What´s MoSi® anyway?

What´s MoSi® anyway?

MoSi® is a 5-week exercise and (fall) prevention program with 10 practice sesseion of 60 minutes each. MoSi® has been specially developed for people with insecure gait, fear of falling or those who have already fallen.

In coordinated units, each participant actively gets to know exercises and procedures that they can and should continue to do independently after completing the training at home.

What´s it aming for?

What´s it aming for?

Our desire is to maintain your quality and joy of life! In detail, it is about maintaining and improving gait safety (mobility) and avoiding falls.

Who should participate?

Who should participate?

MoSi® is suitable for all over the age of 65 who can still walk without assistive devices (or at least 50 meters/160 feet without (e.g. wheeled walker, walking stick)).

Oh! By the way...

Oh! By the way...

... even people who can walk safely show benefits from participating in MoSi®. Come on and join, take preventive action! Enjoy the worke out exercises together in a group of like-minded people.

... the noticeable improvement in one's own resilience, the increased attitude towards life and the pleasure of "training" together has ensured satisfied course participants in recent years. This is reflected in the high number of those who take the MoSi®-Training two, sometimes even three times a year.

Not suitable for eldery:

Not suitable for eldery:

  • After recent surgery
  • With serious cardiovascular system disorders
  • With acute diseases
  • Who cannot walk without an assistive device
What else is interesting to know?

What else is interesting to know?

MoSi® offers you active

  • strength and balance exercises and training adapted to your age
  • practicing your coordination and reaction skills
  • improvement of your flexibility by stretching and enhancement of mobility in myfascial sturctures of your body.
  • through comprehensive guidance for independent (further) practice at home
  • some simple assessments of your physical performance at the beginning and end of the course

MoSi® offers information on

  • how do I recognize hazards that can lead to falls?
  • how do I recognize myself if I am at risk of falling?
  • how do I avoid a fall and what do I have to pay special attention to?
  • how do I react correctly after a fall has occured?
  • what technical aids and assistive devices are available to make daily life easier

For intensification, we regularly offer MoSi®-Refresher courses. Preserve or expand your training effects and keep acquaintances alive.

The course fees are covered by the statutory health insurance

MoSi® is a certied course. The course fees are partially covered (up to 80%) by the german statutory health insurance companies. For reimbursement of the costs, please contact your health insurance and present the confirmation of participation in MoSi®.

General Information

In order to be able to guarantee intensive support and quality, the number of participants is limited to 10 persons per course. Due to the usually very high number of registrations, we ask you to register early.

How do I register for the course?

How do I register for the course?

You can register for a MoSi® course by telephone on: +49 (0)9131 822-3947 or by e-mail: mosi@waldkrankenhaus.de.

MoSi® to Go

You can find morgen MoSi® to Go videos (in german) here.