Establishing a MoSi®-Trainings Center

  • For the duration of the project, you enter into a cooperation with the Geriatric Center Erlangen (GZE) at the Malteser Waldkrankenhaus St. Marien. Interested? Please contact us we will send you a contract agreement.
  • Two of your therapists need to be trained as MoSi® -Instructors at the GZE (= our contact and the persons in charge during the project)
  • You bear all costs incurred to the apprenticeship. According to our experience, this investment already pays for itself after the implementation of your first MoSi®-Course with a minimum number of 5 participants. 
  • You advertise, organize and run at least two MoSi®-Courses between January 2020 and June 2021.
  • In germany you register your MoSi®-Instructos within the central Quality portal for prevention courses named „Zentralen Prüfstelle Prävention (ZPP) to have their certificates checked and registered. You can be sure: We have already certified MoSi® as a "concept" for you.
  • When carrying out MoSi®, you commit yourself to stick to the basics of the concept.
  • Your consent and cooperation are required for the scientific evaluation of the project. For this purpose, a complete survey of the following documents is necessary (elaborated documents are available from the GZE):
    • Signed information sheets and declarations of consent of your participants included in our study
    • Assessment- (e.g. ~TUG, ~grip strength, ~5-Times-Chair-Rising-Test, ~Finger-Ground-Distance, ~Functional-Reach-Test) and
    • Questionnaires (e.g. ~FES-I and ~History of falls)
  • Send information about the scheduled start of the course to the GZE at least 2 weeks in advance. (For collecting baselinedata (1st exercise session) and final assessments (10th session), you will receive personnel support from the GZE.
  • Basically, the program can be offered in any geriatric department/therapeutic practice. In addition to a sufficiently large training room, the equipment required for MoSi® is usually part of the basic equipment in your practice and clinic.
    • e.g. Chairs, gymnastics mats, balance pads (e.g. Airex), steppers, ropes, bean bags, gymnastics balls, weight bands, dumbbells, balloons, first aid kit, stopwatch, CD or MP3 player/Bluetooth speakers.
Your advantages as a MoSi®-Training Center

Your advantages as a MoSi®-Training Center

  • attractive training program, scientifically evaluated and awarded the "Erlangen Prize for Medicine, Technology and Health" in 2008, to expand your prevention offering for "Health Promotion and Prevention in Bavaria" (Bavarian Prevention Plan) even beyond the project phase.
  • Advertising your clinic and department through participation in a program sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care (Health Initiative "Gesund.Leben.Bayern").
    • Participation in a multi-center study (ethics application no. 109_20 B) with the title: "Bavaria-wide implementation and evaluation of the MoSi®-Training- & Prevention Program", which has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)
    • Listing as project partner on the website(s), congress presentations, interim and final reports.
  • Elaborated concept:
    • Own training brochure and training diary for all courses in the project phase included (value: 4 €/piece (Max. 10 pcs/course), only for cooperating partners).
    • Digital information material (Instructor package) for printing.
    • Digital template to create your own advertising and information flyer/folder.
    • Support during the assessment and introduction to the questionnaires.
    • Phone hotline for questions during the project period.
  • Receipt of a concept tested and certified by the central Quality portal for prevention courses named „Zentralen Prüfstelle Prävention (ZPP) (you only need to register your MoSi®-Instructor within the ZPP).
  • Personal supervision by a MoSi® Master Instructor at the beginning (1st exercise session) and at the end (10th session) for two courses within the project period.
  • Three-day training and qualification to become MoSi® -Instructor at the cost of 600 € per trainee within the project phase.
  • Experience has shown that these costs (€ 600) are amortized after the first course has been completed (with a minimum of 5 participants)

How to become a MoSi®-Instructor


The prerequisite for carrying out the MoSi®-Training course is only given with the successful completion of the MoSi®-Instructor training at the Geriatric Center Erlangen.

The apprenticeship includes topics on training with elderly and instruction in the certified course concept according to § 20 SGB V (Concept ID: S11495).

Upon successful completion of training or degree, the following professional groups can be trained as MoSi®-Instructors:

  • Physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • Sports Scientists
  • Sports and gymnastics teachers


  • 06. - 08.04.2022
  • 23. - 25.11.2022

Register here

Please fill out the MoSi® trainer registration form online here and send it to us.